Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Look alike

The top two Tamil weekly magazines Ananda Vikatan and Kumudam are increasingly looking alike to the extent they can be mistaken for identical twins.

They both come out on Fridays and are priced the same. Both of them have a ample dose of film news which is their way showing skin and writing sleaze. A quick glance at the latest magazine shows that over 80% of the content is almost the same starting from the cover.

What is clear is that, both of them are fighting for market share in a limited market and are claiming to be numero uno. While Kumudam is focusing younger audience with ample dose of tabloid stuff, Ananda Vikatan is targeting mature audience.

In Ananda Vikatan, I look forward to reading:
சுஜாதாவின் கற்றதும் பெற்றதும் (Sujatha never eases to amaze me with his breadth of knowledge)
மதன் பதில்கள் (Some of his answers are interesting)

In Kumudam, I like
ஆறு வித்தியாசங்கள் (This has been coming for ages and I am still hooked on to this)
சுஜாதாவை கேளுங்கள் (Interesting questions and thought provoking answers)

What do you like / don't like in these two magazines?


  1. I like

    Katradhum petradhum in Vikatan and Sujatha's answers in Kumudam.

    I used to like the 6 differences, but I think its not there online.!

    Vikatan is maintaining its appeal with everyone looks like.

    When was the editor kumudam reached its peak. Then it became too commercial, too much on movies etc.

    Umm..Trisha on Vikatan and Kumudam!! Namma makkaloda kanavukkanni.!!

    BTW How is Pudusu kanna pudusu?

  2. Narayanan

    Yes, too much film stuff these days.. Even The Hindu has lot of film stuff..

    Pudusu Kanna Pudusu - aka Kungumam is aping Ananda Vikatan & Kumudam. It tried to buy marketshare by offering 'freebies' with every issue.. I don't think it succeeded though.. Since Kungumam is owned by Sun Network.. it keeps up the visibility thru lot of advertisements..

  3. Both are treading the sleazy path to garner readership. they are increasingly looking at attracting the younger readers and have started publishing photos of hollywood celebrities. I have started disliking both....but I don't have a choice. Vikatan is always youthful and the attractiveness of the print edition (the layout, colour etc) is fabulous.

  4. Kaps

    Welcome to my blog..

    Yes, both of them have ample dose of skin to garner readership.

    Kumudam does lot of 'Sindu Mudiyara' Velai.. The recent Thankar Patchan episode...

    I do like the layout of Vikatan and its mature outlook (speaking relatively..)