Thursday, September 22, 2005

Different strokes

Though the content is mostly similar, Ananda Vikatan & Kumudam are pursuing very different web strategies. Both of them require users to login to track their usage pattern. While Vikatan is using web channel as an additional revenue source, Kumudam is using the web to drive more business to its print version.

Vikatan portal recently switched to a fee based format and charges around INR 700 per year. This fee gets access to all of vikatan magazine publications like Ananda Vikatan, Junior Vikatan, Chutti Vikatan, Aval Vikatan etc., Also the entire print content is simulataneously published online. This is clearly a strategy to generate revenue through its Portal by targetting the audience mainly outside India.

Kumudam portal, on the other hand is free but publishes only select portion from its print versions. Also, there is a time lag between Print and online publications. The strategy here seems to be aimed at providing teaser articles online and driving business to it print publications. (Narayanan: This is the reason you won't find ஆறு வித்தியாசங்கள் online)

While it is difficult to argue against free, Vikatan's strategy is better. By providing full content in a timely manner to the NRI Tamil population, Vikatan seems to have found a way to make money of the Web channel.

What do you think ? Which strategy do you prefer ?