Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Leave her alone...

Sania Mirza, the latest Tennis sensation from Hyderabad has attracted the wrath of some religious zealots who seem to be upset with her on-court attire.

Hindustan Times quoted a cleric, Maulana Hasheeb-ul-Hasan Siddiqui, thus: "The dress she wears on the tennis court not only doesn't cover large parts of her body, but leaves nothing to the imagination of voyeurs."

Now this statement, particularly “nothing to the imagination of voyeurs” is coming a cleric. I am not sure who the voyeur here is. Instead applying his imagination in areas where he has no business, this cleric should feel proud that Muslim community has produced a sporting sensation.

My request to the likes of Mr. Maulana Hasheeb-ul-Hasan
What exactly is your problem with Sania’s attire? Do you want her to play wearing a Burqah? How is her attire your problem? Sania is just getting out there, making her mark. She is doing India and your community proud. Don’t mess with her. Please leave her alone.


  1. These are the people who screw up things. Reason - They don't have anything else to do.!

    I have several wonderful Muslims, who are so modern yet practise Islam. They are ashamed of people like these.!!

  2. Am ashamed of such people. I would tell them to be quiet rather than saying anything.

  3. Sania is a role model for the younger generation and it is a pity that she is being dragged in to a controversy because she is Muslim woman.

    I hope saner minds prevail and this fatwa thing dies away.. I hate to see this distract Sania from her game..