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அரிதரிது - What Raga is this song rendered by KBS?

Random FM station hoping during run this morning got me reconnected with this enthralling song.  The booming voice of KBS combined with amazing lyrics got me curious to know more.  Thanks to Google, learned that this song is from கந்தன் கருணை, released in 1967 and the lyrics were penned by கவியரசு கண்ணதாசன்.

I have two questions and hoping someone would be able to help..
  1. Lyrics - Who wrote the original lyrics ? Did Kannadasan adapt it from ஔவையார் writings?
  2. Ragam - What ragam is this sung by KBS?

அரியது கேட்கின் வரிவடி வேலோய் அரிதரிது மானிடர் ஆதல் அரிது மானிடர் ஆயினும் கூன்குருடு செவிடு பேடு நீங்கிப் பிறத்தல் அரிது கூன்குருடு செவிடு பேடு நீங்கிப் பிறந்த காலையும் ஞானமும் கல்வியும் நயத்தல் அரிது ஞானமும் கல்வியும் நயந்த காலையும் தானமும் தவமும் தான்செயல் அரிது தானமும் தவமும் தான்செய்வ ராயின் வானவர் நாடு வழிதிறந் திடுமே. கொடியது கேட்கின் நெடியவெல் வேலோய்! கொடிது கொடிது வறுமை கொடிது அதனினும் கொடிது இளமையில் வறுமை அதனினும் கொடிது ஆற்றொணாத் தொழுநோய் அதனினும் கொடிது அன்பிலாப் பெண்டிர் அதனினும் கொடிது அவர்கையில் இன்புற உண்பது தானே பெரியது கேட்கின் எரிதவழ் வேலோய் பெரிது பெரிது புவனம் பெரிது புவனமோ நான்முகன் படைப்பு நான்முகன் கரியமால் உதிரத்தில் உதித்தோன் கரிய மாலோ அலைகடல் துயின்றோன் அலைகடலோ குறுமுனியின் கையினில் அடக்கம் குறுமுனியோ கலசத்தில் பிறந்தோன் கலசமோ புவியிற் சிறுமண் புவியோ அரவினுக்கு ஒருதலைப் பாரம் அரவோ உமையவள் சிறுவிரல் மோதிரம் உமையோ இறைவர் பாகத் தொடுக்கம் இறைவரோ தொண்டர் உள்ளத் தொடுக்கம் தொண்டர்தம் பெருமை சொல்லவும் பெரிதே. இனியது கேட்கின் தனிநெடு வேலோய் இனிது இனிது ஏகாந்தம் இனிது அதனினும் இனிது ஆதியைத் தொழுதல் அதனினும் இனிது அறிவினர்ச் சேர்தல் அதனினும் இனிது அறிவுள் ளாரைக் கனவிலும் நனவிலும் காண்பது தானே.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mumbai Marathon Expo - Time to Grow Bigger

Mumbai Marathon is growing bigger by the year, in terms of stature and size.  But the expo seem to caught on time warp.  It's time for expo to grow to match the stature of the event.  It needs to be move to a bigger place and with more exhibits / stalls.

I ran Mumbai after a gap of six years and was surprised to find Expo in the same place (World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade) as last time.  If it looked small then, looked even smaller this year.  Expo for a marathon of Mumbai stature needs a large open space that can be customized to suit.  But in Mumbai, it was circular and narrow, making it difficult to navigate through or use the space efficiently.

On Saturday, Jan 16, Bib collection was apparently only for outstation runners.  Even then the place was crowded and the lines moved at snails pace.

Met this guy from Japan.  They have a Chennai Marathon Club in Japan!!!!  Got to talking to him and came to know that he knew of Namma Chennai and in fact he is planning run TWCM on Jan 31.

Pacers were around to talk about their bus.  But I was more curious about the belt concoction they were wearing to hold the pacer pole.  Didn't look like a comfortable thing to wear, run and drive the bus.  On the race day, I saw several pacers getting rid of the belt and simply holding the pole in their hands.  In marathons across the world, making the pacer 'visible' is a challenge.  I have seen from balloons to t-shirts to whistles to poles.  Only balloons come close to doing the job while still providing complete mobility to the pacer.  But balloons are fragile and tend to break easily when the 'timing stickers' are pasted or soon thereafter.

 It has become customary in marathon events and runners have come to expect a Tee in their goodie bag.  Mumbai gave an 'almost' empty goodie bag as the contained only a few fliers and Volini sample spray.  But, I got lucky.  Thanks to IBM Runners Clubd, we got an Adidas Tee to boot.

Feeling cramped and not much to do, left the Expo early.  I hope Mumbai Marathon organizers move to a bigger place and give more reasons to spend more time at the Expo.  That will be one more way by which Mumbai Marathon can improve the runner experience and pump them up for the event.  All world marathon major expos do and its about time Mumbai did too.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Maximum City Getting Ready for Marathon

It takes less than two hours to hop from Chennai to Mumbai, but it might take more than two decades for Chennai to become a 'Maximum City' like Mumbai.  That is if it wants to.. :-).   I lived in Mumbai for about 6 months in my twenties and it was fast then.  And now it has only become faster.  From Airport to roads everything and everyone is 'on the move' all the time.  It looks as though Maximum city never sleeps.

Suresh and I took a walk across the famous marine drive this evening saw ample evidence of a city on the move and getting ready for another edition of Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.   Entire stretch of this scenic section of the city was swarming with people.  Young couples were enjoying themselves oblivious of their surroundings.  In the middle of this was workers erecting stages to showcase plethora of things for the run tomorrow.

We must have walked north at least 2k from Nariman Point and all thru, there were bunch of stalls coming up. Here some kids (and their moms) having fun at Radio Mirchi band stage getting ready for tomorrow.  This place is going to be buzzing tomorrow.

Nestle has put up hoardings across the city with Fauja Singh and I understand Mr. Singh is in town to run the event tomorrow.  I don't know how much he will be running, regardless he is my hero.  He is 104 and travels around the world participating in events.  Even if he runs 1k tomorrow.. that will be awesome.  He transformed his life at 89, after moving to UK.  What are you waiting for ? Start your transformation today... Do More..Start Running.
I am here to run my marathon #57 with no preparation.  My goal is to finish, keeping my hernia problem under control.  Wish me luck...

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

சென்னையின் மனிதர்கள் - Unknown Soldier

சென்னையின் மனிதர்கள் #18 - Unknown Soldier  (20+ ?)  
இடம் -  யுத்த நினைவிடம்  / தொழில் - நாட்டை எதிரிகளிடமிருந்து காப்பது  

" தினமும் காலை அறு மணிக்கு மலர் வலையம் வைத்து மாலை ஆறு மணிக்கு எடுப்போம்..நாட்டுக்காக உயிர் தியாகம் செய்த வீரர்களின் நினைவாக.. " 

ps: I saw this poignant scene during my run this morning.  While there were thousands on the other side of Napier bridge preparing to welcome their leader to a oath taking ceremony, this lone soldier was laying a wreath in remembrance of thousands who perished for the country.  While there was utter chaos and disruption on the other side of the bridge, there was not a soul to observe this ceremony.  I tried to talk to him, but he wanted to be anonymous.  Here is short video of the ceremony this young soldier did for all those who sacrificed for the country, so that people on the other side could celebrate their leader becoming a chief minister again....