Saturday, September 09, 2017

Three Suggestions to Make Google Photos even better

Google Photos is one of best Apps for managing photos online.  I started liking it more after they allowed 'unlimited' storage of high-quality photos.  I also like many of the enhancements to the App rolled out in the last year.

But, one of the key functionality I liked in the earlier version is missing in the newer versions.  I like to move photos to Albums and keep the 'inbox' view empty.  However, in the new version, Google took out that view and instead shows all photos in a chronological view regardless of if they were tagged to any album/s or not.

I sent the following feedback to Google today and hoping to hear back in a few days.

(This message was sent on Sep 9, 2017)
Dear Google

I like Google Photos and particularly the ability house ALL my photos.  However, I find the usability is not optimal.  I would like to see three improvements done to Google Photos.

1. Ability to 'search' for the album name when adding photos to Album.

2. A view with only photos that are NOT added to any album.  (I want ALL my photos to be part of some album and presently there is no way to figure out which one isn't.  This functionality was present earlier, but no longer available.)

3. Enhance the existing 'chronological' photo view to also include the album in which a particular photo has been added.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Receding Green Cover of IITM

It has been a while since I ran inside IIT Madras so I have been wishing to get a run there for some time and the opportunity came yesterday.  I was on the last day of my 10x10 and wanted to squeeze it in somehow in the evening.  Since I hadn't run in the morning, I forced myself to fight the traffic and head to IITM instead of running around Boat Club fighting traffic.
I always enjoyed running in IITM and I still do.  I like the relatively traffic free roads and the green cover.  But yesterday, I saw lot of 'fallen' trees.  Some due to nature and many others 'felled' by humans.  It would tragic to reduce the forest cover in the name of 'development' and I sincerely hope IITM is able to strike a balance between 'development' and retaining its green cover.

That said, my run inside IITM was otherwise good and I was doubly happy having managed to complete my 10x10.  Along the way, I met these third year students who were waiting for the shuttle bus near IITM Research park entrance.  I 'coaxed' them to run / walk with me till their Hostel.  They reluctantly obliged, but that set the stage for interesting conversations.  We talked about many things ranging from technology to 'what after graduation'.  Good Luck Nikhil, Karthik & Sadhvik.

ps: This 'tip' merits to be in Senthil's diary (in Boys movie).  So, if you wonder about the 'tip'.. it is.. Sivan temple in IITM gives 'pongal prasadam' at around 6:30 PM everyday.  Made a 'note to self' to 'time' my future runs around that time... :-)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kahaani 2 - Could Have Been Sharper

Went to Kahaani 2 with lots of expectation but returned with a feeling that the movie could have been sharper and shorter.  Like in earlier Kahaani, Vidya Balan is in almost every frame and has carried the movie single handedly.

Movie starts off showing the strong bond between Vidya Balan and her teenage kid who is confined to wheelchair.  All of a sudden, child goes missing and in ensuing panic Vidya Balan gets hit by a car and goes into Coma.  Then comes the dramatic twist about Vidya's past in a Kalimpong school.  All these does keep the momentum of the movie, but after a while scenes become predictable and one could also predict the next scene.  

Also,  I wish the story kept the focus and not branch out into to subplots.  Storyline should have just focussed on Vidya and the kid.  Instead, it starts veering into the first marriage of Vidya and the police officer, an unnecessary twist which just 'slows' down the story telling and doesn't contribute to the main thread.

But, I liked 'realistic' cinematography.  Art department hasn't tried to create perfect visuals, but has let the narrow streets of Kolkata and Kalimpong speak for itself.

Overall, enjoyed the movie and would give 4 stars out of 5. See it for Vidya Balan. (Rating - ****)

ps: For the first time, went to INOX theaters in Chennai Citi Center.  While getting in and out of the movies was relatively easy (unlike Satyam complex), sound system left much to be desired and definitely needs an upgrade.

Also, got to experience the playing of national anthem after the recent Supreme Court order.  My only gripe is that anthem version played was too fast.  It should have been slower.. lot slower.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Yoga By the Beach

I had been wanting to do this for a while.. got a chance today.  Thoroughly enjoyed the session, wish had done more..
 Sirasana - Doing this facing the ocean was tougher than doing it facing west.  It has got to do with the slope towards the water.
Anjaneyasana - Needed to stretch even more.. could have done a better job.. :-)