Sunday, April 03, 2016

Kapoor & Sons - Different

Sunday Movie Review - Kapoor and Sons

I am a movie buff but have not been regular for several reasons with the main reason being the availability of tickets.  With the limited multiplex options in Chennai, one has to book tickets for the weekend by the previous Wednesday, when the reservation opens.  Otherwise, options gets limited and even 'bad' movies become unavailable.

I am slowly learning this trick of booking tickets by Wednesday.  So far, I have been successful for the past one month and at my daughter's prodding, I am trying my hand on reviews as well.  Let's see how long I keep up with it.

Kapoor and Sons is a different kind of movie on many fronts.  It's dialogs are bold and pushes the envelope unheard of in Tamil movies. (yeah, its a Hindi movie and I could most of the dialogs.  I admit my Hindi is not that great but do follow 'Ek Gaon me ek kissan raghu thatha').  Director has taken three generations 'Kapoors' and have woven a complex relationship story where everyone has something in their 'closet'.

It's a low budget movie and to my surprise was based in a Coonoor, Tamil Nadu.  This may be because, Rishi Kapoor (Grand father in the movie) must have been associated defense services.  My Hindi isn't that good to catch this nuance!!!.  

Talking about Rishi Kapoor, he has done a marvelous job of playing that role.  Though his makeup could have been better, Rishi does an excellent job of waiting to die but not 'actually' dying.  In fact, one of biggest 'non event' in the movie was Grand Father's Death.

Another interesting twist to the story was about the death of someone I didn't expect.  Just as I kept expecting Grand father's death, a twist occurs in form of sudden death of his Son.

While the death of the Son give a sudden twist to the movie storyline, it does have a 'happy ending'.  Movie does have several other stars, including Alia Bhatt, but I enjoyed Rishi Kapoor the most.

Verdict - Feel good, enjoyable movie.  Watch it for Rishi Kapoor.
3.5 stars out of 5

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