Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Random Act of Kindness

Today, I received 'random act of kindness' from a total stranger.  More than our run today, this gesture by total stranger made my day.  Read on for the rest of the story..

Shirtless (one of us), phone-less and penniless, three of ambled along to Marina beach from our usual start point in Abhiramapuram.  There, I wanted to take our usual selfie with Gandhi but none of us had our phone to take our ritual snap.  Reconciled to not being able to take selfie with Mahatma, we headed back, but soon discovered we were penniless as well.

As we were heading back, saw a small boutique coffee shop and decided take a coffee break.  The 'genius' bunch we are, we first set our eyes on coffee and then discovered we were penniless.  None of us had carried any emergency cash to quench our coffee thirst.

We had a hearty laugh and decided to move along.   That's when we became recipients of random act kindness.  Total stranger heard us talking about our 'peculiar' bind and politely offered to buy us coffee.  We accepted his offer and enjoyed freshly brewed Vivekananda Coffee.

Thank You Venkatachalam, wherever you are... Your random act of kindness made my day..  

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