Monday, April 04, 2016

மனமே கணமும் மறவாதே

Music Mondays - Songs I like - மனமே கணமும் மறவாதே - பாபநாசம் சிவன் 

I got introduced this song recently.  The more I listen, more it sinks in.  More so because I can relate to the last charanam. (சரணம்).

It was about four years back and I had just landed in New York.  Got the news about my father that has been 'pending' for sometime now.  He had been bed ridden after a stroke for 9 years and has been slowly receding.  Not knowing when, I had taken to my regular business travel and here I was in a hotel in Long Island and got to know that Appa is in his last moments.  While I was waiting to travel back home, I got to see his last moments via skype.

Though Sita, my mother and kids were all around, they couldn't do a thing.  They were all helpless watching him struggle and fade away.  Those last moments of my father are buried deep in my memory and they now come back alive whenever I hear this song..

மனமே கணமும் மறவாதே
ஜகதீசன் மலர் பதமே

மோஹம் மூழ்கி பாழாகாதே
மாயா வாழ்வு சதமா 

நாதன் நாமம் நீ பஜி என்றே
நாளை என்பார் யார் அதை  கண்டார்
ஆதலால் பவ ரொஹம் ஒழிந்திடவே

நடையும் தளர தேஹம் ஒடுங்க
நாவது குழர கண்கள் மங்க
என்ன செய்வார் துணை யார் வருவார்
ஈசன் மலர் பதமே 

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