Tuesday, April 05, 2016

How is the 'random' check done?

With major parties grouping and regrouping, Tamil Nadu is reeling under serious election fever.  Only thing that is hotter than the election fever is the mercury outside.  But just the mercury is rising, so are all the election gossips and exchanges.   Leaving the alliance circus apart, I am always intrigued about the 'cash seizure' stories that comes out almost every day.   Who carries wads of cash around and how?  How are they caught?.  I got a glimpse of it yesterday.

As I was coming out of my office in TTK Road, I saw a bunch cops stopping vehicles.  By then, word has spread and people were talking in hushed tones about 'crores' of rupees being confiscated.  I don't know about monies part.. but I did observe a pattern.  

There were about 4 or 5 policemen along with 2 others in plain clothes and one videographer.  They were flagging down all small enclosed trucks going south on TTK Road.  Drivers were asked to come out and open the back doors for inspection.  What I liked was the entire process was filmed.  All the trucks that were stopped while I watching were let go in a couple of minutes leading to me conclude no 'illegal' cash was found.

I don't know how long cops were checking and if they found anything at all.. but it was entertaining... albeit for a few minutes.

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