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சென்னையின் மனிதர்கள் #13 - எங்கெல்பெர்க்

சென்னையின் மனிதர்கள் #13 - எங்கெல்பெர்க் (27)  

இடம் - ஆழ்வார்பேட்டை  / தொழில் - டெலி சேல்ஸ் (Tele Sales)

"எனக்கு முணு வயசுல ஜுரம் வந்தது.. அப்பலேந்து கொஞ்ச கொஞ்சமா கண் பார்வை போயிடுத்து.  நான் BA (English) படிச்சிருக்கேன், இப்ப டெலி சேல்ஸ் வேலை செய்றேன்.. ஒரு நாளைக்கு குறைஞ்சது 100 கால் செய்யனும்." 

ps: I see Engelberg at the Eldams Road, TTK Road intersection often.  He will be making his way against the unrelenting one way traffic on TTK Road around 9:00 AM.  Today, seeing him, I asked him to stop, parked my scooter, took his hand to walk him through the heavy oncoming traffic.  On earlier occasions, I used to walk with him only for about 100 meters till the left turn.  Engelberg used to stop me there and would walk on his own.  I assumed he worked in a place in that street.

But today, he revealed that his place of work is actually in Abhiramapuram third street and he chooses the side streets to avoid traffic.  He also told me the specific landmarks we have to pass to get to his office. (Sriram Nagar, Coconut vendor, Police Station, Narrow Lane.. )

I got talking to him and got to know a little bit about him.  That, his name is Engelberg and he commutes to work from Villivakkam.  He takes bus in the morning and takes train back home in the evening.  He leaves home at 7:30 AM to be in the office by 9:30 AM.  He leaves work at 5:30 PM and reaches home by 8:00 PM.

All thru 10 minutes of our walk together, I found Engelberg, cheery and upbeat.  Never once did he 'complain' about anything.

Thank You Engelberg for allowing me to walk with you, you made my day cheerful.. 

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