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Chennai Runners 5th Anniversary

Chennai Runners Fifth Anniversary - March 6, 2011

In my earlier post we saw us celebrating Chennai Runners' fourth anniversary and thus commencing an annual tradition.  In today's post we will move on to our fifth anniversary celebrations in our runup to Chennai Runners 9th anniversary celebrations this Sunday, March 1, 2015.

This time also Anna University was the venue for our celebrations.  We had 100+ runners join us for a friendly 5k run.  Can you identify the running trio here? KP, Tiger & Balaji. (Can you spot the other two guys in back ? I see Shahul Hameed and Venkat Rangan - Do you?)

If Harican was walking around with crutches in the CR fourth anniversary, it was VPS's turn this time around.  While on a motorcycle trip in north east (India), VPS slipped while posing for a photo (no selvi then..) and had a bad concussion.  Ramani doing his usual duty, clicking away kodak moments.

Amit Sheth and Jacob Bhoopalan(not in the picture) graced the occasion.  This was when Amit's book, Dare to run had just hit the market.  His Comrades adventure was a catalyst to many in India to try their hands or more aptly try their legs on the Durban hills, including yours truly.

Like last year, we had kids cut the cake and end the festivities with breakfast at AU canteen.  Can you spot a small boo-boo in the cake?  I am not telling.. :-)

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