Thursday, May 29, 2014

Uber is different

"சார், வுடு எங்க இருக்கு சார் ?" Having to answer this question when you are trying to catch a few winks before dreaded early morning international departures from Chennai is routine for me.  This question would come from the cab driver trying to locate his pickup location and I would be on the receiving end.

Each time, I would end up waking up with this "சார், வுடு எங்க இருக்கு சார் ?" call an hour ahead and end up in a 'about to fall apart anytime' car in which my suitcase would end up as my companion.

So, when I had to book a cab service myself, I decided to give Uber a try and was pleasantly surprised.  Uber service was fast, efficient, all electronic and best of all cheaper.

I wasn't happy with one thing though, that is the inability to pre-book a cab.  Uber is on-demand service only with no option for advance booking.

But the booking itself was very easy.  just a couple of clicks and I was done.  When I opened the app in my Android phone, it exactly knew where I was and it showed where the nearest cab in minutes.  Once I ordered, Uber told me the driver name and car details.

After that simple two click ordering, conditioned by the past experience, I waited for the "சார், வுடு எங்க இருக்கு சார் ?" call.. but that call never came.  Instead an Inova showed up at my doorstep within 3 minutes.

The ride itself was pleasant and uneventful.  There were no invoices to sign, no search for the elusive 'change'.  I simply collected my bag and walked to the Terminal.

Within minutes, I got a detailed receipt from Uber and monies taken from my pre-authorized credit card.  It was that simple.  I generally pay a minimum of INR 500 for any kind of cab service to Airport (from home) and I had paid upwards of INR 650 for bigger vehicles like Inova.  Compared to all that, Uber was cheaper too.

If you can live with the pang of not pre-booking the cab service, I would definitely recommend you give Uber a try, you would be impressed as I was.   It was definitely fast, efficient and totally paperless.

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