Saturday, May 31, 2014

Comrades Marathon 2014 - Take me to the finish line..

Comrades 2014 - Take me to the finish line..

As I wind down and get ready for a long day tomorrow, I couldn't help feeling the butterflies in my stomach.  I am nervous and could feel it..

Finish line to cross tomorrow 
In a few hours, I will be heading out to Pietermartizburg starting point with lots of hope and wishes from lot of fellow runners & family.  Is that sufficient to see me through the finish line?  I don't know..

I have prepared lot more for this year than the previous two occasions.  Did a 4 consecutive days 200k Navagraha Ottam last October and two hills runs (Servarayan Hills Ultra & Val Vil Ori Ultra) in Mar & Apr of this years. Are they sufficient? Will know in a few hours.

Inshallah.. I will sail through the finish line tomorrow.  One thing I have determined though.. Will finish or stay the course for the entire 12 hours...

In the meanwhile, do enjoy this mesmerizing South African song, Shosholoza, considered the second national anthem of the country.

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