Saturday, May 17, 2014

Million Dollar Arm - FDFS and FT too..

I saw a movie on the first day first show (FDFS) for the first time (FT) ever. All it took was 50+ years!!!  Make no mistake,  I have tried to watch some of the Diwali releases on the first day during my school days.  Most of the times I wouldn't get tickets and when I did get one, was driven away.

One Diwali, I spent more time standing in the movie line than bursting crackers and managed to get the prized ticket for 'Enter the Dragon'.  But my euphoria of winning the 'lottery' lasted hardly 10 minutes.  The 'gatekeeper' by theater entrance drove me away saying the movie was 'Adults Only'.  I was crestfallen, but was more bitter because my friend and classmate Venkatesh got in.  Needless to say, he gleefully went in, saw the movie and gloated for ages.  Venkatesh - wherever you are.. I finally managed to see a movie on FDFS..

Now back to Million Dollar Arm..
I saw this movie over the much more hyped Godzilla for AR Rahman and the Tamil Song.. but was disappointed on both fronts.  Though it was the first day, there were hardly 10 folks in a theater that could easily hold 250+.  This pretty much sums up the popularity of this movie in US, I guess..

The only similarity with the other wildly popular Slumdog Millionaire ends with the title.  This Million neither has the drama or the engaging story that made the Slumdog a hit.

This apparently 'true story' is about two Indian kids making it big time in baseball in US in 2008.  Not sure what happened to them after that or what they are doing now.  But the story about the discovery and the transformation of the Indian kids into major league baseball pitchers.

First half of the movie happens in India.  An out of luck US sports agent comes to India and launches a million dollar contest to discover the next big thing in baseball.  I kept hoping that the story would move to Chennai and would get to hear the Tamil Song.  But, the story stuck to Mumbai and North India and never moved to Chennai.  So the wait for the Tamil Song continued..

Second half moved to LA where Indian kids get baseball training.  After some predictable twists movie ends in சுபம். Still, there is no sign of the song I was waiting for..

AR Rahman's score was distinctly Indian and would even say distinctly South Indian.  However, I couldn't connect to the music.  It may be because, I was expecting more or possibly because the score was neither Indian nor Western and the fusion didn't jell well.

So what happened to the Tamil Song?  It did not come till the movie pretty much ended and people started walking out.  But I hunkered down and waited.. and then it came.  It came along with the credits at the very end.

So, if you are planning to watch this movie for AR Rahman, you could safely skip it.  There are plenty of other movies where he has done better job.

But, if you are planning to watch the movie for the Tamil song in a Hollywood movie then indulge, but wait for the credits to appear in the very end.

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