Saturday, March 22, 2014

Deepam - Making a small difference

I reconnected with my Deepam kids after a long gap today and it was an enriching experience.  I have been working with Olcott Memorial High School since founding Deepam six years back.  All these years, my Saturdays wouldn't be complete without a few hours connecting with the kids at Olcott.  But this year, due to my frequent travels, I couldn't go as regularly as I like to.

So, when Sugumaran told me that today was the last class at Olcott for this academic year, I made it a point to go to School and reconnect with the kids. Man, it was a great experience and four hours well spent.  I always receive more than what I give from the kids and today was no different.  I was tired, it was hot outside and I almost didn't go.  But, once I went there and spent time with the kids, I came back home energized and wearing a smile.  That for me was priceless.

Being the last class, the plan was to evaluate their English proficiency and I was given the task of scoring kids reading and comprehension skills.  This year, Deepam volunteers put lot of focus on improving the English skills of these eighth graders and it showed in my conversation with the kids today, particularly since I there was a 'gap' in my interactions.

Based on the year around progress and observation, Deepam has created a Focus 20 group.  The idea is to give extra attention to these kids next school year and help them further improve their English language proficiency.

The Deepam Kids of Olcott - class of 2014.. proudly displaying their completion certificates.  Good Luck kids on your upcoming final exams.. See you all in as ninth graders in June.

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