Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Google - Integrate YouTube and Google Plus - Instant Upload

I love the Instant Upload feature of Android.  This feature auto-magically uploads to the photos / videos to a private album which then can be shared G+, added to Picasa albums or even used in Blogger as appropriate.   I doubly like the fact that the 'instant upload' transmits both photos and videos.

But, what I don't understand is why I publish the 'instant upload' videos to YouTube.  Isn't that the natural thing to do? or Am I missing something basic here?

Here is the integration I am looking for:

  1. Upload all photos & videos via 'Instant Upload' to a private album
  2. Enable this instant upload album be accessible via YouTube like  Google Plus, Picasa, Blogger
  3. Net net, Allow the videos uploaded via 'Instant Upload' to be published via YouTube
This looks rather easy & basic.. wonder why Google hasn't done this already.. 

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