Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 - Running Reflections..

On Jan 1, 2013, one of the runners gathered up at Dimensions said we should just do a 'Relaxed' and 'Reflective' run.. Yesterday's run was anything but 'Reflective'.. but here is my running reflections for 2012..

My three simple running mantras for 2012 were

  1. No two (consecutive) days missed
  2. 10k per run
  3. Sixty km per week
These are simple principles but I missed all of them.  of course, there are lots of reasons but the simple fact is that I failed to follow them.  But I am happy with the fact, I still managed to keep my overall mileage of 3147k per year.  Actually, I bettered this one by about 31k.

Also, I wanted to do five marathons in 2012 and happy to have done nine.  With each marathon, I am inching closer my target of 50 marathons by 2015.  Inshallah, I will make it...

Beside these quantitative goals, Running has given me given me new friends and a calmer perspective on life... Runners know what I am talking about and others need to run to feel it..

So, what's in store for 2013?
My running mantras will stay the same with a small yet significant change.  I will do 50K a week instead of 60.  I am hoping this will give more time for Yoga & Swimming and also help with my nagging PF (Plantar Fasciitis) issue.  Greater focus will be to ensure I am true to my mantras week after week and not simply makeup the overall mileage for the year.

As regards to marathons, my lineup goes likes this.. Dubai (Jan), Auroville (Feb), London (Apr), Comrades (Jun), Hyderabad (Aug) & Shahid (Dec).

Happy New Year.. and Happy Running

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  1. Awesome Ram! I love the way you love running. It's almost surreal to see that almost every event or an occasion in your life, bday/ anniversary/ New Year(!) etc is marked with a run!

    But (had to be one, right?) - somehow I think, while the principles are great and keeps the routine going, I have this nagging feeling that it also gets in the way once in a while :-).

    I certainly shouldn't be talking about this, but that's the good part of commenting on a blog.. anyone can!