Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Best tribute to Delhi's Braveheart

The best tribute to Delhi Braveheart who lost her life is to make India safer for women in a lasting way.

Punish those six guys to the fullest extent of law quickly but doing that alone is not sufficient.  That would be a great disservice to this Braveheart.  A better tribute would be what each and every Indian citizen and the Government should do the build a safer India for its women.

Some say there is crime against women (mostly rape) happening every 22 minutes in India.. Behind this gruesome statistics are the helpless victims and bestial perpetrators.  How many are punished?  What is the conviction rate?  I don't have the actual numbers but it would be abysmally poor.

If anything has to change in India, it must start with fixing the dysfunctional police and criminal justice system.  Bad things will happen in any society but what differentiates one from the other is the how it responds to such an incident/s.  

The spot light is on this issue right now and the Indians are rightfully enraged.  But how long will this spotlight and anger last? 1 week or 1 month or 1 year?  Will we and the media move on to next big 'story'?  What can we do to change ourselves and How can the Government take care of us?

Can we as individuals take a pledge to never to perpetuate or tolerate crime against women?
Can the Government give a pledge to its citizens to make India safer for women and convict the bad guys quickly?  A pledge that is not forgotten but a pledge that becomes part of the DNA of our society.

I call up on India and Indians to bring about an enduring change.  Let this Braveheart's death not go in vain..

Educate /Sensitize India to respect our women whom we worship as Shakthi
Enable Indian Police to treat women complaints with empathy and sensitivity
Enforce Indian laws fairly and swiftly.  Convict the bad guys and show India cares

Making India safer for its daughters would be the BEST tribute to this Delhi Braveheart..  May her soul Rest in Peace

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  1. There is something else here. Certain women can take advantage of this.. This Demi moore movie..

    The law should take each case and not have any bias towards any one party..