Monday, December 24, 2012

My First Sabha visit for this Music season was NOT for Kutcheri..

செவிக்கு உணவில்லாத பொழுது சிறிது வயிற்றுக்கும் ஈயப்படும் is the wise saying.. but in my case.. it was the other way around today.. 

Generally this time of the year, I enjoy a few concerts and the canteen delicacies as a bonus.  But, I missed more than half the season this time year due to my Sao Paulo business trip.  So, I wanted to catch up at the first available opportunity.. 
My first visit to Sabha this season was not for a Katcheri but for lunch at Naradagana Sabha Canteen.  I was at work and wanted to grab something for lunch and closest Restaurant happen to be the Sabha canteen.  I expected the place to packed but the place was sparse and we found a table fast.  Not to be outdone, serving was fast too.  The food was good & tasty as usual but for a small mix up by the waiter.  I had asked for Onion Rava Dosa and he got me a Onion Dosa which was tasty as well.

Though not sure, I think the prices have gone up.. This could be an interesting study.. who makes 'more' money..? Sabha thru concerts or Canteen thru the Sabha crowd.. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the later..

After taking care of my lunch needs, got some melodious Violin  rendering by a young artist in the Mini Hall.  The Hall wasn't full but that's a pity because Shreya Devnath was great.

I am at best a music aficionado 'wannabe' but even I enjoyed her rendering.  I liked the fact she paused to announce the raga / tala / krithis.. which gave me some reference points to cling to.

Got to do this more often... hopefully the other way around..

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