Thursday, December 13, 2012

Travelogue # 52 - Sao Paulo Diaries - Go SPFC

Travelogue # 52 - Sao Paulo Diaries - Go Sao Paulo FootBall Clube

If cricket is a religion in India.. Soccer (or Foot Ball) is the religion in Sao Paulo.  I was heading out to work today and there fire works going off all over the town.  I learnt from my Brazilian colleagues the local Foot Ball club had just scored a goal in a game happening then in middle east.

 In the evening, I went out for my run only to find the entire city going gaga over the apparent win in that game in middle east.  The entire city seemed to be in the party mode...:-)

There was honking, loud music and lots of beer being consumed.. all cars seemed to headed towards to a nearby stadium for some huge party..

But no one was going no where.... as everyone seemed to out.. and the roads had turned a huge parking lot and nobody seemed care..

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