Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Google Plus Instant Upload & YouTube

I am unable to 'upload' videos on to YouTube from Google Plus 'Instant Upload' folder.. My question is Why can't I share the 'Instant Upload' feature of Google Plus to load videos on to YouTube?

Make no mistake, I love the the instant upload feature of Android Phones.  It automagically uploads photos and videos the moment I take them (assuming data connectivity).  These instant uploads are stored in a 'private folder' in Google Plus which allows me to share them and allows me to add them to a Picasa album.

Also, Blogger allows me to insert 'Photos from Phone' on to my posts.. But I am not able to 'upload' videos from 'Instant Upload' folder on to YouTube.. Why?

Did I get this wrong or this is truly a problem?  Your thought??

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