Monday, October 01, 2012

Can Running Help Find a Job?

Can running help find a job?

I was asked this question yesterday after our Sunday Run....
This question came from a runner in this group..
We had several new-bees running with us yesterday and one of them walked up to me and asked this question.  He is 25 and currently doing 'roadside Isthiri / Ironing' work along with his father and is eager to switch professions running.  He is currently doing second year B.Com via  distance education while working full time during daytime.

I told him to pick up a track an track event like 1 or 5k running (or anything he feels comfortable) and work through district / state level events via SDAT such that he can get tagged as an athlete   Once he has the 'athlete' he could apply for state, central or public sector institutions which have special 'quota' for athletes.  This is a long road and he needs to start working soon as 'time' (read age) might not be on his side.

Do you know of other possibilites that can help this runner?  Pl. let me know..

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