Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Chennai Living - Amma is Coming

Amma is Coming

So what does it take for a leader to pay floral tributes to the 'Father of the nation'?  My Gandhi Vanakkam route took me via Poes Garden to Gandhi Statue and the entire stretch (about 3k?) was decked up to welcome Ms. Jayalalithaa.  She was going to visit Gandhi Statute to pay floral tributes to the father of the nation on his 144th birthday.

Tamil Nadu Governor and the Chief Minister to visit Gandhi Statue this morning to pay their tributes to Gandhiji.  I was there about couple of hours earlier and the entire area of brimming with morning walkers and cops.. More police than walkers..
Announcement you saw above was cleverly put on a plaque with references to Mr. Karunanidhi, Amma's arch rival...
Gandhi's portrait in transit for the floral tribute...
Amma has new title now.. she is now 'தேசத்தாய்'.. mother of the nation.. !!!
The above vinyl poster was right next to this stinking bridge.. which Amma has to cross to get to Gandhi's statue to pay her tributes..
Entire stretch was decked up with party flags and vinyl posters.. wonder who pays for all this and how it is accounted..!!!

This flags & poster business is done by every political party.. not restricted to just the folks in power.. 
Meanwhile, Barricades went up all around Gandhi statue to welcome leaders and keep the public at bay..

I couldn't help contrasting this every day occurrence to we experience in Chennai to what I saw about two years back during a marathon in Columbus, Ohio.  Our running route passed through Ohio State University oval and this was the only announcement I saw of the impending presidential visit to the very same site by Mr. Obama that day (Oct 17, 2010).

Happy Birth Day Mahatma Gandhiji.. !!! Bless us!!! 

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