Thursday, October 11, 2012

Working Auto Meter

I generally avoid Autos like plague.  My experience with them have been overwhelmingly negative as they seem to be working with a sole purpose.. that is to 'Cheat & ill-treat clients'.  They overcharge, haggle and treat you bad.. So, I try to avoid Autos as much as possible.

But it is not always possible and once in a while, I do use them albeit reluctantly.  One such 'Auto ride' happened last Monday and this driver just blew me away.  He was polite, did not haggle about destination and simply asked me to come on-board and turned on the meter.. Yes, a working Auto Meter.
Unbelievable.. but true.. A working Auto Meter 
First I was surprised to see a working meter, Second the driver flipped it ON without saying a word.  I travelled about a distance of 7.5 KM and it costed me around 80 bucks.  When I gave him a 100 rupee note, he even gave exact change back.. and said 'Thank You'.  I was speechless by this 'unexpected' behavior and all I could do was to reciprocate with a generous tip..

Do Auto Drivers belonging to this creed really exist ? I thought they had long become extinct.. I had to pinch myself to feel that it is really happening... 

Yes, it happened alright.. but can it happen in Chennai, where the Auto Meters have long vanished?  No, they can not happen in Chennai.. but it did happen in Bengaluru..  This rare of breed Auto driver drove me from Domlur to Dairy Circle in the most gracious manner possible... and made my day.
The mandatory display says the driver name is Nagesh.. What if all Auto Drivers are like Nagesh.. in Chennai.. Not a chance right?.. You are probably right.. :-(


  1. Yes.Most of the time Auto meters are on but sometimes they ask for extra 10 or 20!

  2. Yes Sir, That is Bangalore for you. We still have some humanity left in the auto drivers group.

  3. You should have got this phone number !!!. It helps