Wednesday, March 21, 2012

24910 - Getting Closer to Boston Marathon

24910 - Takes me one step closer to the eventual run @ Boston on April 16, 2012

2012 Boston Marathon Bib #.. 24910.. Taking me one step closer to Boston Marathon

Yup that's my BIB number 2012 Boston Marathon and this was decided and published 3 weeks ahead of the run.  Being part of Chennai Runners,  I have organized a few 'small' runs our own and have fair idea of what it takes to put a decent show together.. Now, I get a true feel for organizing a 'world class' marathon.. just being on the other side as a 'participant'.

Yes, these guys have been around for 116 years and have had lot of time to learn and refine.. but that does not take way any credit from the organizers who seem to have thought of everything.. My only gripe is the cost of entry keeps going up.. I had to shell out USD 300 for registration.. which I consider quite steep.

It has been a enjoyable experience thus far and looking forward to the eventual run.. can't wait.

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