Sunday, March 18, 2012

Support Bala's 21x21

If you have been running in Chennai and with Chennai Runners.. You probably know Bala.  His energy rubs on people and motivates them to do more.. (and I get the Do More tag!!!!)

While I need multiple alarms to wake me up in the morning and still ignore them frequently, Bala has no such aid.. He has a natural alarm that puts him out on the streets early every single day.

While I 5:15 AM run start is 'early' for me.. Bala thinks it is 'late' and would like to start even 'earlier'..

While I need the stupid box to 'relax'.. Bala 'relaxes' while running and sees no need for a TV to see.

I can go on like this.. but suffice to say.. Bala is an inspiration to many and there is lot we could learn from him..

Now, I need your support to support Bala in his 21x21.. let me explain..

He has set himself a audacious goal of running 21 half marathons in 21 consecutive days.  I would like us to accompany him in all his runs for the next 19 days and help reach his goal safely and securely. (and also to ensure that he does run the 21.1k every single day.. !!!!).  If you are wondering what happened to the other 2 days.. wonder no more as Bala started this 21x21 on Mar 18 and has already completed 2 days.. So it is 2 down and 19 more to go.

Please step out and step up to support Bala.. by signing up here .  Once you put your name down in the spreadsheet.. Bala will be in touch with you to coordinate the run.

Bala's 21x21 Spreadsheet 


  1. Proud brother of Bala,
    Wish him hale and healthy running years ahead on his birthday

    Chandrasekaran J

  2. Proud brother of Bala,

    Wishing him hale and healthy running years ahead.

    Chandrasekaran J