Monday, April 16, 2012

24910 - Number to watch in Boston Marathon

Marathon Expo at Boston Downtown - Seaport Word Trade Center
Weather couldn't have been better for folks from Indian subcontinent.   It was in 70s F and sunny.  I could even loose my spring jacket and head out the Expo...

Trekked about an hour from suburbs to Boston downtown for the Expo which was buzzing already with runners and their families alike..

Bib pickup area was quite spacious and clearly marked..
First thing I did was to pick up my Bib.  The Number pickup area was vast and well marked with one counter for every 500 - 600 numbers.  I had a minor hiccup with my pickup.. I didn't have the second confirmation card and was asked to go elsewhere to get the confirmation.  But the entire process of done in minutes with courteous volunteers helping out everywhere.  With the formalities completed within 10 minutes, we had plenty of time time to soak in on the expo.
TCS is a principal sponsor.. 

TCS is a principal sponsor for Boston Marathon and must be spending beau coup bucks to do that.   We at Chennai Runners are looking for support for our flagship event and would be approaching TCS.. Hope they support Chennai too.Lots of activities for the runners and the families alike to get their juices flowing.  Here, Expo visitors wrote all kinds of motivational stuff in the 'wall'.. and

Kids prepared support banners for their loved ones... Here my friend Lakshmi's son preparing a support banner for me.. 
Nissan is the official car sponsor and will be escorting the elite runners.. Here, people found it fancy enough to click snaps..
The entire expo was accessible to differently abled people and in fact they could be seen in all part of the expo.  Wheel chair runners start @ 9:00 tomorrow.

 This lady is trying to set a world record for running a full marathon on a treadmill.  The monitor in the front was taking her through the 'real' Boston course and she had already done about 12 miles when I saw this.. and was going real strong.  I overheard people saying that this her second marathon in as many days and is running the course tomorrow as well.. :-)

There was as a Yoga counter with a lady performing various Asanas in a raised platform which was actually a container transformed to a temporary stage...

Hopkinton is the starting location for the run.. and I need to be there by 8:30 for a 10:40 start for me.. 
I am in Wave 3, Corral 9  which is the last bunch of runners to be flagged off @ 10:40 AM.   This perhaps would have been OK for the normal 'cold' Boston April.. but with the temperatures predicted to hover around 80s F.. It is going to be interesting tomorrow..  In fact, 'hot' weather is big news here.. Organizers have taken it very serious and have sent a few mails giving tips and deferment options.  Yes, 2012 Runners are now given an 'assured' spot in 2013 if they decide not run tomorrow due to weather...

Wish me luck.. I am running this one for my Appa

More Photos here..

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