Friday, January 30, 2009

Slow Blogging - Not Intentional

First, let me clear up something..
No, I have not taken to slow blogging advocated by Todd Sieling. It just that I got wound up on other things haven't done as much blogging as I would have liked to do in the past few weeks. As usual there are million excuses but they all would be speaking for my own failings.. so will not get in to that.

Have been wanting to post on a few things that I haven't and will do so in the coming days.. here they are
  1. Barack Obama - A New Begining
  2. Travel - Langkawi
  3. Challenges with Flickr upload
  4. Movie Review - Abhiyum Naanum
  5. Oscars and Indian Film Industry
  6. Google News - Tamil / GMail - Tasks / GMail - Offline
  7. Twitter - My initial impressions
  8. Mumabi Attacks and Pakistan - What can / should India do?
  9. LTTE & Tamil Nadu Politcs - a lethal combination
  10. Chennai Music Season - Some thoughts
  11. Cloud Computing - Is it the next best thing?
Now that I have put my neck out.. let me see how much I stick to it..

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