Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ghajini - Damp Squib

I guess it happens when you have lot of expectations..

With so much media buzz around Ghajini and the moola it has already raked in, I expected a lot from this movie. Though, I had seen the Tamil version of this movie, I wanted to see to the Hindi version for the Aamir Khan / AR Rahman factor. Mr. Khan did not disappoint, but the movie did not have the polish and grandeur that the Bollywood movies generally have.

Seeing movie was not in plans today at all but things fell in place and I didn't want to miss an opportunity. I always try to squeeze in a movie whenever I go to Nanganallur and I went there (running) today to participate in a family event. it so happened that Ghajini was running right next door and the timing was convenient and tickets went abegging. While Ghajini is running to packed houses in the city, Vetrivel theatre was almost empty and Nanganallur is just 15 kms away. Go figure !!!

I felt the movie was dragging in places and certainly not need the three hours it took. Its an out and out Aamir Khan movie and his hard work shows in every frame. From his much talked about six pack abs to stylish Sanjay Singhania, Mr. Khan has done exceedingly well. However, he is little mature to be casted as a 30 something hero.

When you are watching a remake, comparisons are inevitable. I was looking for great music and chart bursting numbers from A R Rahman but he disappointed me. Only a couple of songs are hummable and the background music was jarring in many places. I felt the music director of the Tamil Ghajini, Harris Jayaraj had done a better job. Most of the songs in Tamil Ghajini were solid and the choreography and the cinematography added color to the songs.

In all, as my post title says, Ghajini was a damp squib. We have come to expect quality movies from Aamir Khan and Ghajni was a big disappointment in that regard. Ghajini definitely wouldn't qualify to join the ranks of Lagaan, Rang De Basanti and Taare Zameen Par.

Overall rating - B


  1. i hvnt watched the tamil one.. but i quite liked it.. but for his dress sense with rolled up half sleeves as sanjay singhania the chairman.. but rest of the stuff just wow-ed me...

    so.. do not quite agree.. and maybe im biased to aamir! :)) but i thoroughly enjoyed the movie...

    cheers! G

  2. Ram,
    yeah, i too didn't like the Hindi version, especially the romance scenes. I felt Surya had done a better job.