Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Twitter - First Impressions

I have seen and heard about Twitter for a while now.. but plunged in to the world of Twitter just a couple of weeks back. (you can follow me here).

I still haven't figured out if Twitter is beneficial or just time drain.

If it is beneficial then How?. I understand it can be used / leveraged as a virtual chat with all of your followers and get immediate responses (though that is optional). I have only 7 followers now so, not much instant interactions taken place yet.

When I got in to it, I wondered what is the benefit of telling the world 'what am I doing'?. But, I quickly came to the conclusion that it is not about 'what am I doing' but about posting short / crisp observations / comments or questions.

I like the fact I can 'post' short messages (limit 140 characters) that are to the point and gets the point across. More importantly, I like the fact that I can tweet via multiple devices. Now I am comfortable tweeting from firefox browser via Twitterfox and from my Blackberry via Twitterberry besides twitter web site.

In summary, I am still ambivalent about Twitter's real benefit, but I know one thing for sure.. I will continue to Tweet as I like the concept of posting short messages from multiple devices quickly and easily.

Go on become a twitter and let me know what you think.. I am particularly interested in your read on :
  1. What's your take on Twitter?
  2. What feature do you like and don't?
  3. What's the big difference between blogging and twitting? Why not simply Blog ? Why add another channel?


  1. Hi
    My take on twitter
    its short and so its sweet
    there were some wonders happening in the twitter world
    months ago i ve written about it
    pl check my blog here

    my twitter id is - srinidotme

  2. Microsoft product groups at a recent conference (PDC 2008) had their own twitter. In large conferences where there are so many tracks happening concurrently , Twitter was one way to make sure that you are not missing anything interesting from your area of expertise (Twitter continuously informed of the location,delay of sessions,special guest, free goodies etc)

  3. Ram,
    I don't like twitter and here is why.
    "You" below means, people who twitter.
    1) What makes you think, you are so important, that you think, i want to be updated every hour on what you are up to?
    2) If some do follow you, isn't it creepy authorized stalking?
    3) Hey, i will know when you are not home. (Think of a criminal knowing this)
    4)Twitter is one way street. I want to be heard too like this comment.
    5) when you twit, your blogging decreases as you may not want to repeat.
    So i humbly suggest you just blog, which i can come visit once a day and know your composed thought process and i am able to reply with my thoughts.
    Your Blog admirer
    Patrick, SFO

  4. Patrick
    Thanks for your kind words.. I would agree with you.. I am not a Twitter convert yet.. and the last 110+ Tweets from me have mostly been one way monologue.

    One other aspect that I am not happy about is that my 'blogging' has almost stopped since I took to Twitter.. I need to find a balance..