Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Twitter - First Impressions

I have seen and heard about Twitter for a while now.. but plunged in to the world of Twitter just a couple of weeks back. (you can follow me here).

I still haven't figured out if Twitter is beneficial or just time drain.

If it is beneficial then How?. I understand it can be used / leveraged as a virtual chat with all of your followers and get immediate responses (though that is optional). I have only 7 followers now so, not much instant interactions taken place yet.

When I got in to it, I wondered what is the benefit of telling the world 'what am I doing'?. But, I quickly came to the conclusion that it is not about 'what am I doing' but about posting short / crisp observations / comments or questions.

I like the fact I can 'post' short messages (limit 140 characters) that are to the point and gets the point across. More importantly, I like the fact that I can tweet via multiple devices. Now I am comfortable tweeting from firefox browser via Twitterfox and from my Blackberry via Twitterberry besides twitter web site.

In summary, I am still ambivalent about Twitter's real benefit, but I know one thing for sure.. I will continue to Tweet as I like the concept of posting short messages from multiple devices quickly and easily.

Go on become a twitter and let me know what you think.. I am particularly interested in your read on :
  1. What's your take on Twitter?
  2. What feature do you like and don't?
  3. What's the big difference between blogging and twitting? Why not simply Blog ? Why add another channel?