Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Policing the Central Median...

Yes!!! you read the title right. There are cops out there to prevent you from exercising in the central median. You must be thinking.. where in the world will they do that.. you are right, definitely not in Chennai, but in Santa Monica, California.

James Birch was cited by the Santa Monica Police for using the central median to stretch and exercise. This, after residents complained about people assembling at all hours and causing inconvenience !!!!. Santa Monica Police used a city ordinance from 1970 and deployed 4 police officers to ensure that people are not 'exercising' in the central median!!!!.

I was amused watching the video and frankly don't know how to react. Here, I am sitting in Chennai, where I can't even get out of my street because of the anarchy unleashed by the errand drivers and in some other part of the world Police actually take time to keep median free of unwanted guests. Different parts of the world, different priorities.


  1. Wow..Just this evening I was listening about this in NPR...and I see it in your blog...with a Video.!! Too fast !!!

  2. Can we move these cops from the Santa Monica area to India??? They can be utilized better in the sub-continent!!