Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Makes History

Barack Hussein Obama has been elected the 44th President of USA. He will be the first African - American to occupy the White house when he does next year. This is truly a remarkable achievement for the first time Senator from Illinois who almost went bankrupt during the early stages of the campaign. He persevered and toughed it out. He hunkered down through a long and arduous fight with Hillary Clinton for Democratic nomination till early June. Ater winning the primary, he took fight to key Republican states like Ohio, Virgina and Indiana and won them. Through all this one thing is very clear about Mr. Obama, he is no quitter.

His ability to fight and persevere will be sorely tested on many fronts as he takes over reins from Mr. Bush. Mr. Bush will be leaving a plate full of problems and issues for Mr. Obama to sort out. When the campaign started two years back, it was about Iraq and how to get out of that country and now it is about US economy and how to get out of the financial mess. Both and many more such problems will test Mr. Obama's ability to persist and perserve.

Personally, I rooted from Hillary Clinton but today I am glad a Democrat made to the White house.

Congratulations Mr. Obama, the entire world is watching you, hoping that you would bring in the much needed healing touch to many vexing issues.