Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Beginnings

Barack Hussein Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee for the November US Presidential election. This is a history of sorts.. and marks a new beginning in American politics and the sensitve race relations.

There has been questions on the readiness of US in having a colored President and that too one with a Muslim middle name. It is still not clear if Mr. Obama will make it to the White House or not, but the mere fact that he has come this far shows how much America has changed. From slavery to Presidency, US has come a long way and this exactly is what I believe is the strength of America. the ability to change and embrace new things. Change comes with uncertainty and risk, but then "If nothing changes then nothing changes'.

Now back to Barack Obama..
It is going to be interesting to see how things shape up between now and November. Unless things go wrong in a big way, George Bush has done enough harm to the Republican party and to its Presidential candidate (John MeCain) to make people shy away from anyone standing on that party's ticket. But, I don't think that alone is the reason why Barack Obama would win the November elections. He would and should because he brings a different perspective on the contentious international affairs of US. He will not be able to pull out of Iraq or Afghanistan quickly, but would atleast start going in that path and not allow US to be mired in to another Vietnam.

The question that is asked in India is.. How would Barack Obama's ascendency impact India-US relations? well, I have mixed opinion on that.. and would reserve it for a separate post..

Regardless of the impact on US relationship with India, Barack Obama will be more acceptable in the Islamic world than John MeCain. This would be a welcome relief as he could start rebuilding the US image to the external world, which has been highly tarnished and distorted in the last eight years.

Whichever way you look it, Barack Obama as the presumptive Democratic nominee is significant and marks a New Begining..


  1. Barrack Vaazhga!

  2. Bad Choice..
    Ain't gonna fix nothin...
    For the next 2 years he will be
    dealing with grid lock in Washington.
    After that Lame duck.

    Times they area changin..but
    it is gonna suck big time..
    Gas @ $9.99; Wanna fly somewhere,
    fly Air Incompetence and pay thru
    every hole you got..
    Do I care he is acceptable for Islamic world ?
    Tell me does he needs friends in
    Tehran or TelAviv ? He need Florida..
    Talk about all F#%@ed up ..