Monday, June 16, 2008

தசாவதாரம் - Kamal ALL the way..

Dasavatharam - Movie Title
Kamal tends dominate his movies and in Dasavatharam, he dons 10 different roles to overshadow everyone and everything else in every second of this 3 hour long movie. One might question what was the need for Kamal to play 10 roles and I have the same question. But, he does them to perfection and carries the entire movie on his shoulders. Others, including Asin doesn't have any solid to role to play, they just come and go, including the Bollywood glamor girl, Mallika Sherawat.

From George Bush to Vincent Poovaragan to Avtar Singh, Kamal simply excels in all roles he plays. It is not just the makeup that differentiates the roles, but from body language to dialog delivery, Kamal has simply become the character he portrays. Kamal deserves an national award just for efforts.

But, unfortunately, Kamal's herculean effort is wasted with a weak story line which he himself has penned. The story is about a small vial inadvertently shipped from US to India triggering an international hunt for it. Its the usual good guy vs bad guys (two avtars of Kamal) chasing it. Sounds familiar ? It did to me.. looked lot similar to MGR's ulagam suttrum voliban (உலகம் சுற்றும் வாலிபன்). In that, MGR after inventing a 'nuclear' bomb MGR will run around the world to prevent it from going in to the hands of the bad guys, in Dasavatharam, Kamal does the same to prevent the bad guys from getting to his invention, a biological weapon. While trying to do that, the good Kamal chases the shipment from DC to Chennai to Chidambaram and all places in between with a Japanese twist.

But, the weak storyline has been well masked by the brilliant acting of Kamal and excellent production. All aspects of production looks impressive. From cinematography to art to editing, all departments have contributed and played well together to make this slick end product.

Yet, I am unable to understand why Kamal chose to start the story from the 12th century Saivaite, Vaishnavaite clash. What is the relationship between the (மூலவர்) big idol that what thrown in to the seen then and the (உத்சவர்) small idol that kamal chases around in the 21st century? What is the relationship between the 12th century King and the happenings now? The savior of a weak storyline again is Kamal (and crazy Mohan) with this witty and intelligent dialogs.

In all, Dasavatharam is a different kind of Tamil movie and a welcome one, even with its weak and non-existant storyline.

Direction - KS Ravikumar has done a good job of bringing the best out of Kamal. This is certainly a different kind of movie for him and will figure in 'life long' directorial achievement list.

- Kamal at his best and everyone else don't seem to matter. I don't see a compelling reason by Kamal donned 10 roles.. but then I guess he did because he can.

Music - Liked two songs - 'Kallai mattum..' and 'Mukunda, mukunda..' rest is just passe..

Grade - B+ for a different theme and a slick production.

Bottom Line - Watch it.. Once..

ps: Thanks to KK, got to see this movie on the first week of its release. I wouldn't have gotten to see this movie without his connections and offer. So, once again Thanks KK.