Monday, May 12, 2008

Pitching for 2016

Saw this in Chicago Airport (ORD).. while in transit.
Not about IBM..
No.. this is not about IBM.. look closer
Chicago Pitching for 2016 Olympics..
This is about Chicago pitching to host 2016 Olympics.. Atlanta was the last US city to host summer Olympics and that was in 1996. NYC lost to London for 2012.. but I feel Chicago stands a good chance for 2016.. as it would have been 20 years (since Atlanta) by then.. will know in fall of 2009. Interesting to see the campaign start so early. I wonder if it is only around the airports or even within the city..


  1. Ram, I don't believe that another US city will host an Olympics in the near future.. not 2016, 2020 or 2024. I believe the IOC was very disappointed with the way the 1996 Olympics was "commercialized". I believe the IOC President (Juan Samaranch, I think) never proclaimed "the best Olympics ever...." as is custom, at the closing ceremony of the the '96 Games. It is is also another reason why the 2012 Games were not awarded to NYC.

    Chicago doesn't stand a chance. I believe hosting the Olympics is far more valued and revered in other parts of the world than here in the US. Give a US city the chance to host the SuperBowl and you'll see a brawl break out ;-)

  2. Hi Ram

    No updates for a while?


  3. Vijay
    Thanks for your query.. only myself to blame.. too many things happening.. and this goes to the bottom of the pile..

    I see Chicago still in the race.. saw three cities getting eliminated few days back..

  4. have you changed your blog/link sir?... have been a regular visitor of your blog and have'nt herd from u since a month....

  5. Anonymous
    Thanks for your query.. no had not changed my link.. had taken a small hiatus. will be right back..

    Once again thanks for the query..