Saturday, May 10, 2008

Made in India

It's interesting to see the kind of stuff India exports..
Sewer Covers - Made in India
Spotted in San Diego Zoo..
Sewer Covers - Made in India
Why can't Indian Sewer covers be as neat as this one..


  1. There is a price to everything.

  2. 'cause modern indians cannot design anything right or wrong.
    They enjoy being 'coolies' of the global tech world.
    They know how to copy,memorize and present simple things with great drama.

  3. You missed the 1950s made sewer cover in Manhattan. on the net somewhere. tata's made them, I think.

    Saw some of them in Birmingham, UK too! Good quality though.

    World stands on Indian products.

    Cheers. Have fun in LA. (california etc.). Now that Family is travelling, and have a nice travellogue done.

    Also do write about the US recession - what you see (gas is obvious), which is hidden by Bush. (pun!)

    We in Bangalore will miss you on 18th May, sunfeast marathon. I have registered for 5.7 KMs Maja run.


  4. NEAT!!! At last we something "Made in India" .. very heartening. .even though it is a sewage cover.

    You should have this post covered by Indian press... I think it is impressive that not everything is "Made in China" in the US.

    great post!
    cheers ..

  5. Pride..Pride..!!! Way to go Desi Pride !!.

    George - Indian Press !! they are busy covering the skirts of the IPL Cheerleaders..and your leaders are busy swindling the it bleeds !!

  6. "Made in India" Sewer covers are also found in NYC ! --Coast to Coast--

    Sewer covers in NYC

  7. I read an article sometime back by an American journalist about how these sewer covers are made by labourers swaeting it out in sub human conditions in West Bengal...they handle the ultra hot molten iron with bare chests without any protection !! The owners make all the money...