Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rahul Verghese Column in The Hindu

Rahul Verghese of RunningAndLiving.com has started a column in The Hindu and the first one appeared last Sunday.

This is what Rahul says about his begining.. "I could barely run a km without getting out of breath at 40 and now, at 47, am readying myself for my 23rd full marathon. I know if I, as a non-athlete, could start so late in life, anyone can start running. So go ahead and start."

I can relate to this in a way.. as I also started after 40 and ran my first marathon when I was 42 and have participated in 6 full marathons, completed 4 and readying for my 7th. So, my friends it doesn't matter how old you are and how unfit you are.. take the first step today.. and it will change your life forever..

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  1. Pearls of wisdom...I could never agree more with you. Running (esp. long distance) can indeed change your life forever.

    Thanks for spearheading a good cause!