Sunday, February 10, 2008

இது நம்ம ஆளு (Idhu Namma Aalu..)

இது நம்ம ஆளு (Idhu Namma Aalu..) Syndrome at Chennai Marathon 2008

In the last few days, Raj Thakerey's utterances about North Indians and the resultant violence has been making national news. It is kind of interesting to see that similar thing being played out at a much smaller scale at Chennai Marathon 2008 today.

Watch this clip and you will know what I am talking about. It is all about the prize money and who should win it. The participation as such was very low and one of the organizer wanted to prohibit three Army runners from participating as they might take away all the prize money. Needless to say, the folks from the Army are from North India and are not sons of soil.

I did not have a good run today.. I went in to do a half marathon but ended up doing just half of that. It was just not my day today..
Ram, Sandy, Shumit & Mohan
Ram, Sandy, Shumit & Mohan at the finishing point..