Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chennai Marathon & I - Not a good combination ?

After my Chennai Marathon fiasco past Sunday, my son came up to me and said.. "you know dad, you are kind of jinxed as for as Chennai Marathon goes.. you participated in 3 of them and didn't complete any".

He is right.. I haven't had much luck in my home turf. I participated in three marathons since 2005 in Chennai and didn't complete any of them. In the first two, I wanted to do the full marathon but the cops asked me to stop after 3+ hours. Last Sunday, I wanted to do only half marathon but I stopped after 10.7kms..

May be I am jinxed as for as Chennai Marathon goes.. but I ain't giving up as yet.. will try complete the next edition of Chennai Marathon for sure..


  1. I am sure you will crack it next year. Happy running Ram. I still owe you guys 400 bucks. Should try to catch up sometime.

  2. Hopefully will join you for the full run in 09 Ram. Will need all your help to the finish line! :)))