Friday, February 08, 2008

Chennai Marathon is Happening...

Or so they say..

Having missed the bus in 2007, Chennai decided to organize marathon in 2008 and man they are in a hurry. They just gave less than a week for the public to participate in the marathon and are organizing one this Sunday (Feb 10, 08). All we have seen so far is the brief announcement and nothing else.. there is NO website, information, no nothing.. wonder how the marathon is going to be organized..

I join the organizers in hoping for miracles to happen...

I can't let my home town down.. so I will be doing a half marathon. (In 2006 I wanted to run full but was stopped) But my expectations from the organizers are very clear.. nothing. I will be carrying my own water, snacks & first aid. I only hope to get the BIB and possibly completion certificate.

Chennai City wants to be global city (and I want it to be..).. but that wouldn't happen just by wishing, wanting and organizing marathons in a shoddy way. Chennai can become a global city only creating the best infrastructure, global landmarks truly get integrated.

Singapore, a city state country with less than half of Chennai's population and is global city because it strives to be the best in whatever they could do. They started organizing marathons just a few years back and already Singapore Marathon is one of the best organized marathon in the world. They have parked themselves on Dec first Sunday and got on to the global marathon calendar in a matter just 5 years. In 2007, over 35,000 participated and the organization was spot less. Why can't Chennai do the same? (Mumbai is starting to do that..) I am sure, Chennai can.. but that will require professional help, planning and lot of public education.. but then, all that it is unlikely to happen anytime soon...


  1. Love your spirit Ram. All the best for the half m.

  2. Ram, may be next year, we should help chennai organize a better marathon. If not officially, we could see to extend our ECR 30K to a marathon.

  3. Siva
    sure.. Why not.. but will surely take more than 5 days to organize though..!!!!


  4. Good luck on 10th.