Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Walking Faster Than Running ?

Well generally running would be faster than walking right? Nope.. Not if compare this walking record to my running..

Look at this record in walking at the 4th Military World Games being held at Hyderabad, India. (and this may not be the world record in this category...)
The results: Athletics: Men: 20km walk: 1 Cui Zhide (Chn) 1h 25m 23.7s, 2. Trotski Ivan (Bel), 3. Toth Matei (Slo).
Cui Zhide of China walked away with a Gold after walking 20 kms in 1:25:23. He had walked at a speed of over 14km an hour. I can't do that speed even running, let alone walking.

Only 46 days to go for Singapore Marathon and my target is to complete the full marathon under 4:30. If I can consistently do 10 km an hour.. then I can attain this target.


  1. WOW Ram.. this is neat... unbelieveable to me too..

    And Good Luck on ur 4.5 hr objective.. I am sure you will surprise us with a just over 4. 4.10.59 :)))

    cheers, george

  2. It shouldn't be a problem for you Ram. You look very focussed while running.

  3. Oh Man, each day delayed getting back to my usual runs reduce my chance of running the Singapore Marathon. hmmm it is really depressing now as I am not sure when i am gonna get back on the road.

  4. Hi Ram,
    It will be useful to know how these professional "walkers" manage to maintain this speed. For people like me who find it difficult to run non-stop after 1 hr 20 min with the only thought being to take a walk break, this should be something to try out! :)