Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Games Indians Play - Why We Are The Way We Are?

Very interesting title isn't it..? This the book I have started reading..
“Why are we a nation that is individually so smart and collectively so naive? Why do we mistake talk for action? Why is our self-worth massaged only if we have the ‘authority’ to break rules? Why are we among the world’s most corrupt? Why do we jump red lights? Why do we dump our garbage at the neighbour’s doorstep? . . . Can it be our climate, population density, poverty, colonial past or even genetic encoding?”
This book is by V Raghunathan, an IIM-A professor who is using Game Theory to explain why Indians behave the way we behave.

I just read the first few pages and if they are precursor of things to come, then this book promises to be an interesting one. The book starts of with discussing the booty Karnataka Government announced for forest brigand Veerappan's head and how they handled hundreds claim for the INR 500 million.

I am not an avid reader, but would like to become one. I hope to come back to you next week with my take on this book.

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  1. My optimism about India and its future has become more pessimistic these days. 20/20 by 2020 is all BS.

    Collectively - India / Indians need a Paradigm change. IMHO - India needs an autocrat for atleast 10 years. Pardon me all you Democracy loving ( sic. ) Indians.

    That said - I'd like to read what Mr.Raghunathan says about India/Indians.

    Looking forward to your review.