Sunday, October 21, 2007

Run & Rain

This morning when I woke up @ 4:15 AM, had the perfect reason to skip our weekly long run and cuddle back in to the inviting cozy bed. I looked out and it was drizzling little heavily. On any other day that would have been the reason enough to go right back to bed. But not today.. This dilemma lasted for about two minutes till I splashed some cold water in my face.

As I stepped outside in to the rain, wasn't sure how many was actually going to show up. But there were about 8 Chennai Runners who had decided to brave the rain and hit the road. Initially, it took me a while to get to my running rhythm in the rain, but I got used to it rather quickly and went further than I had originally planned.

With a gentle rain splashing across my face and cooler than the usual temperature, it was actually a joy to run. Unfortunately, this can't said be said about the roads in which we ran. Even at the slightest rain, Chennai roads develop water puddles and makes it difficult to traverse through them. Initially, I tried avoiding the puddles, but when that became difficult, I simply stepped in to them and started enjoying the splash after a while. With Hari's gentle nudge, I ran longer than I originally set out to and ran 20 kms in about 2 hours. I have never ran in the rain for that long must say that I would do it again if I get an opportunity.

Running in the rain is not without its flip side, My shoes and dry fit running clothes became heavier over a period of time and made running a little challenging. Nevertheless, I am glad to have run in the rain today.

I particularly felt good to have run today as it is birth day and this rain run the best gift I could have given myself.