Sunday, October 28, 2007

Raining Cats and Dogs in Chennai

Its raining cats and dogs in Chennai and that doesn't happen very often. Chennai is perennially rain (and thus water) starved city. So, it is kind of a welcome relieve to see the continuous downpour since yesterday. This gave me the perfect reason to skip today's long run and kept me indoors most of the day.

Feeling claustrophobic, decided to venture out a little and here are couple of pictures from that.
Elliots Beach, Chennai
Elliots Beach is generally Choc-a-Block with people on a Sunday after noon, but not today. It has been raining heavily since yesterday and that pretty much has emptied out the beach.

Elliots Beach, Chennai

Elliots Beach, Chennai
These seem to enjoying the drench..

A short video clip - Elliots Beach, Chennai