Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why Run With a Group?

Interesting first person article in NY Times on why run with a group*. This story talks about some of the benefits of joining a running group and how it keeps the momentum going. As most of the regular readers might know, I am part of the Chennai Runners group and has immensely benefited from being part of the group. The kind of insights I get and the bonding that happens among the fellow runners is something that needs to be experienced to feel it.

Couple of quotes from the NYTimes story..
Those who run in packs are part of a select society, or maybe a self-selected society. Anyone can join, but you have to run and you have to go to the designated meeting place at the designated time. You might join a club that sponsors runs each week or you might go to a place like a parking lot behind a school where runners gather on weekend mornings. It’s not hard to find these meeting places; local running groups and running stores know where to go. And when you show up, ready to run, the society opens up to you.

You may hear comments from passing motorists — one guy called out to me and my running friend Claire Brown, 34, “Bet you can’t catch me.” Out of his earshot, I muttered, “I’ll bet we could if he got out of his car.”
*Registraion (free) required.

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