Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sneha Run - Chennai Runners Make a Difference

Chennai Runners participated in strength in the Sneha Run today. We registered for 30 and 27 participated and that's not the only way in which we made the difference. Chennai Runners came first in two categories, 50+ & 35 - 50 age groups. Again that is not all. The winners (Ramani & Hari), spontaneously decided to give back the prize money back to Sneha. Wonderful gesture guys.. I salute for you not only winning but also for the simple yet powerful gesture of donating the prize money back.

Ramani dashing to the finish line
Ramani dashing to the finish line. He came first in his category.. Great show Ramani.. we are proud of you..

Lakshman - Hari's brother at the finish line
Lakshman, Hari's brother who is visiting Chennai at the finish line. He is leaving tonight but still found time to join us. Thanks for joining us Lakshman and sharing information about your group in Portland. We could learn a trick or two from your experience.

Kabbir & KK at the finish line
Kabbir & KK, huffing and puffing but no quits.

Raghav @ the finish line
My son Raghav ran with us today and ran the entire distance, though hasn't been running at all. Good Show Raghav..

Karthik near the finish line
Karthik at the finish line.

Kavya at the finish line
Karthik's sister Kavya joined us for the first time and finished.. way to go girl..

Chennai Runner  - Harishankar came first in the 35 - 50 category
Hari came first in his category. His winning is even more significant because he hasn't been running for a couple of weeks due to a personal loss. He overcame the loss and lack of practice to win in his category.. Good show Hari.

Ramani handing over the prize money back to Sneha
The winnings by Chennai Runners had some prize money in it and both the winners Ramani & Hari spontaneously decided to give it back to the cause. Here, you see Ramani handing over the prize monies back to event organizers. Good thinking guys..

More pictures in flickr


  1. Nice pictures Ram, you have captured all great moments.

  2. Ram,

    I am proud of Chennai runners and all the participants for a good cause. Well done. Keep it up guys!

  3. Ram

    all the photos were neat...especially the finish line ones...hope it inspires many to join the bunch and hit the road...


  4. Nice Pictures and great job on the blog. Interesting, I live in Denver, Colorado and saw your pics on trail ridge. Small world. I really came across your site when looking for Chennai information and trying to promote my startup - - a online restaurant guide for chennai and other cities.

  5. Great show by Chennai Runners! Too bad I wasn't able to join! Hope to make it up at ECR!

  6. Great show by Chennai Runners! Too bad I couldn't join! Hope to make it up at ECR tomorrow though! - Vignesh