Saturday, September 15, 2007

ECR Run # 3

Chennai Runners are doing their 3rd ECR Run tomorrow and we hoping to have the large turnover. We are hoping to do one long run per quarter and might even do a full marathon, but that will require lot more planning and coordination for which we are not ready yet.

I am hoping to see around 40 runners tomorrow and is looking forward to a great run, barring rain playing spoil sport. It is heartening to see support coming from unexpected quarters. We sent out a mail requesting for volunteers and one couple who are not even part of our group sought out to help us. When I heard this from KK, I really felt good that our message is getting across.

Here is an inspirational video to get ready for the big run..

Here are some details on the run tomorrow.. Good Luck..
We have an important run / milestone coming up this Sunday..and look forward to participation and support. This is our 3rd ECR run and looking forward to making it the largest ever of our nascent group.

This coming Sunday, Sep 16, 2007 we will do a 40x30 ECR to Mahapallipuram run. The idea is to have at least 40 Chennai Runners participate in the approximately 30km trek to from ECR toll booth to Mahabs. So far we have about 30 people signed up. (List below)

Pick up point - Dimension
We would assemble near Dimensions and car pool there. We will leave Dimensions exactly at 4:00 AM with the assembled participants

Alternately, you come directly to the starting point...
Meeting Point: Just BEFORE the ECR toll booth
Meeting Time : 4:30 AM (It is early but we must meet on time to ensure we get a head start against the onslaught of sun and the unrelenting traffic).

Parking: I am working with Ragas Dental College to park our vehicles in the college campus. If that doesn't come thru, we will have to park in one of the side lanes before the toll booth

Starting point: ECR Toll Booth
Starting Time: 5:00 AM (This will give time for runners to do some stretch and get ready)

Route: South on ECR all the way till Hotel Mamalla

Finish Line: Hotel Mamalla ( Hotel Mamallaa Heritage NO: 104, East Raja Street, Mamallapuram 603 104. This Hotel is on the sea side with between Golden Sun Beach Resort and a Gas Station before Mahapallipuram).

Volunteers: We need volunteers to help with Water and generally provide first aid cover. I request some of our members who are NOT running to pitch in and help the runners.

Safety First: Please note that we do not have any safety net in terms of ambulance & insurance etc.. All of us running at our own volition and it is important to adhere to safety norms at all occasions.

  1. Always run on 'right side of the Road' facing the traffic. In doubt, slow down, let the traffic pass.
  2. DO NOT run abreast. Run in a single file or max TWO at any given time.
  3. Runners on Chennai roads is relatively a new phenomenon and Chennai drivers haven't gotten used to that yet.
  4. Do NOT run if you are not medically fit. Stop running at anytime you feel uncomfortable and seek medical help.
Entry Fee: INR 200. This is to defray the cost of water, snack, first aid and fuel cost and breakfast.

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