Saturday, July 28, 2007

Travelog # 44 - Rocky Mountain National Park

Just came back Rocky Mountain National Park. It took me more than the 5 hours I had allocated for it.. and I am now toast.. and I still have to pack and get ready to leave tomorrow..

So here is a sneak peak.. more to come soon..

Bear Lake.. Rocky Mountain National Park

Scenic Rocky Mountain National Park

Infinite Sky and infintely smaller flower.. all co-existing.. and all connected..

Infinite skies and infinitely smaller flowers.. Rocky Mountain National Park

Cute Little Girl near Bear Lake

12005 ft.. near Alpine Visitor Center.. Yours truly..


  1. Great pictures Ram. Top two pictures look awesome.

  2. You took about 11 hours drive back and forth. Your passion is irresistable and cannot be stopped.

    Love you Visu.


  3. Very nice pictures ! Though I stayed in Colorado for close to three years, I nver visited this park. Hope I visit it in future soon.