Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Travelog # 43 - Boulder Memories

I am in Boulder, CO now after a long and usual flight from Chennai. Immigration was a breeze but the baggage collection wasn't. Even after the long wait to collect my bag, I wasn't done. Customs Officer asked to get my baggage screened as I had checked as having bringing 'food' in the customs form. This happens every time and consumes 15 - 30 minute every time. I keep asking myself why bring junk food from India and get stuck at the customs screening. I think its the urge for 'masala' that keeps me do it every time overriding the logical thing of avoiding the snacks.

The drive from Denver to Boulder was beautiful and enjoyable. The vast expanse of mid western USA unfolds in front of you as you speed through the immaculately maintained freeway. The only irking factor was the need to pay toll repeatedly. I had to stop three times to pay USD 2 at each toll stop.

Homewood Suites, Boulder,CO
This hotel is kind of deja vu for me. I am coming back to this city on business exactly after 10 years and in a strange coincidence staying at the same Hotel I stayed the first time. But this is where the similarity ends. Last time, I drove from Columbus, OH with my entire family and my visiting parents in a full van stuffed to the hilt. This time, I am alone and from Chennai.

The intervening 10 years, had brought lot of changes in my life that I never even imagined, but then that's the beauty of life. At that time, we were soaking up on American dream and never for once thought of R2I or the possibility of being responsible for 'old age kids'. Ten years later, we are in Chennai now and feel responsible for my paralyzed father and my sick mother. Wonder , what's in store the next decade. God willing, I hope to be still running & writing blogs in 2017.