Monday, July 30, 2007

Unwarranted Detention and Unanswered Questions

Unwarranted Detention and Unanswered Questions

Dr. Muhammed Haneef is finally back home from a harrowing experience in Australia. The last four weeks have changed his life forever. From an ordinary immigrant to a terror suspect to solitary confinement to sudden release, Dr. Haneef has gone through a lot and it is commendable that he was able to keep his head above the water.

It now transpires the knee jerk reaction from Australian Government was based on inaccurate and incomplete data. It took a while for the Australian Government to sort out the matter but it nevertheless did after much pressure from media across the globe.

Even though this episode seems to have come to an end with Dr.Haneef's return, there are still few unanswered questions..

Australian Government: When Dr.Haneef was only conditionally released why was he allowed to leave the country? His conditional release had a requirement that he call the police every day and physically present himself once a week. Did his case become too much of a hot potato to handle?

Australian Immigration Minister: What additional do you posses now that you didn't earlier that caused you to revoke Doctor's work visa. If you have revoked it, how can the Australian justice system release only conditionally. Why was he not deported?

Dr. Mohammed Haneef: Why did you hurriedly leave Australia for India in a one way ticket? When was the ticket purchased? Is it true that Dr. Sabeel's mother called you informed you or the search and recovery of stuff that might belong to you from his son's residence in UK?

India: Why is this double standard in reaction between Dr. Haneef and Prof. Geelani's case? When such a hue cry is made over Dr. Haneef's detention in Australia, why was such a deafening silence about the arrest and conviction of Prof. Geelani (in relation to 2001 Parliament attack ?). In both cases the apparent 'crime' seems to be related with telephone (SIM card Vs telephonic conversation).

Karnataka Chief Minister: Why do you think your state is in all clear with Dr. Haneef's return when Dr. Sabeel who committed the ghastly act in UK is also your State?

India cannot pretend anymore that some of its citizens doesn't belong to Global Jehadi outfits. It is high time, we examined the flaws in the secular system and took actions to fix it.


  1. On the flip side...
    Look at INDIA
    What are they doing about LTTE #1 terrorist who is plotting mayhem few hundred miles from the shores of Madras.
    Did any one care he was
    responsible for blowing up Prime Minister of India and few other citizens including Tamils ?

    What are they doing about the
    terroists who hijacked the plane and murdered innocents in Kandhar?
    India's foreign minister accompanied another terroist and handed over to Terrible Taliban terrorists.

    When it comes to Terrorists, why do Indians act like 'wimps' ?
    India shining ? No, its more like
    India hiding behind mommy's saree.

    Look at Israel do they apologise for their misdeeds while going after the damn 'Terrorists' ? No.
    Don't you know they had interned
    several for a very long time without probable cause! So,why now?
    So why is that acceptable?

    So, why should the Aussies apologise ? They held him 'cause
    the guys who do the job to protect the innocent civilians need to decide 'pronto' they haven't got all week to wait for opinion poll from the Indian TV.

    To protect hundreds, thousands, millions, hurting a few should be acceptable.

    When Indian TV shows repeatedly, the bits and pieces of the flesh of their PM during supper time, may be
    they will come out .. and understand

    Frankly, I don't care for the Human rights record.

  2. You make a good point. Australia may have been wrong in detaining Haneef, but it speaks of the checks and balances in their system which forces them to realise the mistake and admit they had erred. you won't see that happening here.

  3. I am no fan of right and wrong judges; I can tell you that U.S, U.K, Australia and several known and hidden coalision partners are in cahoot to perpetrate acts similar to what happened to Haneef.