Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spirit of the Marathon

I found this clip inspirational and eagerly waiting for the full motion picture this fall..

Spirit of the Marathon is the first ever feature-length film to capture the essence, drama and unique spectacle of the marathon. Featuring five runners - three amateurs and two elites - as they train for and ultimately run the Chicago Marathon, the tremendous challenge of the 26.2 mile race is brought to life by many of the most remarkable athletes in the history of sport.

More than a sports movie, it is an inspirational journey of perseverance and personal triumph; a glimpse into the world of ultimate human potential first exemplified more than 2500 years ago in a place mythically known as the land of the gods.

via: Andy.. Thanks a bunch..


  1. Ram, That was a inspiring clip and looking forward to watch the movie.

  2. Ram,
    You seem to be very interested in running. You can see the highlights of famous 1984 marathon video in which Carlos Lopes won and other marthon videos here

  3. Ram,
    I've been silently watching your blog posts and the numerous interesting posts on the ChennaiRunners googlegroup for a long while! Being a marathoner myself, I draw inspiration from you and the rest of your folks in Chennai who try hard and train in conditions that often are not runner-friendly. And I thought I'll do my level best, at least virtually, to help you and your group stay motivated and reach your dreams..If you are planning on visiting Washington, DC during one of your regular jaunts, please let me know and it will be my honor to host you for a good run with our team and a wonderful glass of beer/dinner (of your choice). Good luck! Keep up the training!

    Anand "Andy" Palanisamy

  4. Andy
    Thanks for your encouraging words.. The conditions in Chennai are not very conducive for doing marathon and stuff.. (weather, infrastructure, apathy etc.,) but we keep chugging along in a small way..


  5. Hey I'm getting the movie this weekend. If you havent watched it yet let me know...

  6. Rajesh
    Thanks.. I saw it few months back... courtesy Shahid..